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We love gathering information from our local and nearby surroundings, thus promoting sustainable economy.That's why we've created this blog, as we highlight small producers and professionals who are part of a network we, at Mery Rose Mery, highly value.

We hope you can enjoy every article we showcase on our blog, whether it's a recommendation for a local spot, a service, a cooking tip, or any information we find intriguing.


When a Good Bbq can make your day!

Updated: Feb 22

Sometimes we don't know how important is choosing the right lighting for an awesome bbq, but today we are going to explain that there is many types of them and when to choose one or another.


First of all when we want to light a fireplace or a barbecue, we have two types of fuel available that initially seem the same but they aren't, we have wood or charcoal. You may think that charcoal is nothing more than wood that has been partially burned, but this is no entirely correct.

In the case of the fireplace, there is no doubt that firewood is the best option, if the idea is to keep the fire burning for a long time. Things change when it comes to having a bbq, where the embers are what really matter.

CHARCOAL, Better for a quick and varied BBQ.

If what you want is to prepare a fast bbq with no problems lighting it, then you must know that charcoal will be the best option, also this fuel is more effective. In about half an hour you can have some great coals, perfect for cooking on the grill and for roasting vegetables if you wrap each vegetable in aluminum foil and put it directly on the grill, let the heat do its work.

FIREWOOD, Ideal for specific preparations.

The case of firewood is different. First, because it takes longer to make a good ember depending on the type of wood used. And then, because there are certain firewoods that will give a different flavor to each food, so some are more appropriate than others depending on what you plan to prepare.

For example, oak firewood is perfect for rice and fish, while vegetables appreciate olive wood more. Others such as pine or orange provida a special taste to meat. Therefore, these are more suitable if you plan to prepare a themed bbq.


Depending of the place and the time conditions we might choose one or another, but to be honest Mery Rose Mery prefers always Firewood, when Real Food is being made in a good relaxed atmosphere and surrounded by guests, it is the best option, the good thing It is cooked slowly and slowly.



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