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We love gathering information from our local and nearby surroundings, thus promoting sustainable economy.That's why we've created this blog, as we highlight small producers and professionals who are part of a network we, at Mery Rose Mery, highly value.

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Updated: Feb 19

In the vibrant culinary scene of Marbella, at Mery Rose Mery, we hold a deep appreciation for the choice of bread in our gastronomic experiences. As a private chef, we believe that the bread it's a crucial detail in each culinary journey. In this article, we will delve into some of the standout bakeries in the area, thoughtfully selected by Mery Rose Mery to enhance our culinary adventures.

Keki bakery: Private chef Bread Marbella Enthusiasts

KEKI Bread & Pastry stands as an artisanal bakery with a boutique charm, catering to both individual customers and wholesale partners. The Chef Pablo Rodriguez take great pride in the meticulous selection of top-tier ingredients and the crafting of each creation using time-honoured methods in their workshop.

The core of their concept revolves around a deep respect for ancient artisanal techniques, ensuring the most authentic and refined results possible. This dedication is palpable in every single bite, as KEKI invites customers to experience the legacy of traditional craftsmanship. With a commitment to preserving the heritage of artisanal baking, KEKI assures customers of exceptional quality that narrates a story of passion, tradition, and the sheer delight of relishing the artistry in each delectable morsel.

Location: Avenida Miguel de Cervantes, Edificio

Albatros V, Local 7, Marbella

Maleva Bakery: A Culinary Haven in Marbella

Nestled in the heart of Marbella's historic centre, Maleva Bakery beckons both locals and visitors into its charming world. As an esteemed bakery and deli shop, Maleva offers a delightful experience for discerning food enthusiasts. From the inviting ambiance to the delectable array of freshly baked goods, Maleva Bakery stands as a must-visit destination.


The Delightful Deli Experience


Maleva Bakery transcends the traditional bakery experience by seamlessly blending a delightful array of freshly baked goods with a curated selection of gourmet products. Artisan bread, flaky croissants, and tempting pastries crafted from premium ingredients grace the shelves. Beyond the bakery delights, Maleva also boasts a savory side, offering sandwiches, salads….—all meticulously prepared from scratch daily. The gourmet journey extends further with offerings such as exquisite coffee, fine teas, luscious jams, and decadent chocolates.


The Rustic Elegance of the Restaurant


Maleva Bakery extends its culinary prowess to a rustic-themed restaurant area. Embracing a warm and welcoming decor, patrons can indulge in a diverse menu featuring breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. From classic dishes like eggs benedict and Spanish omelettes to innovative creations, Maleva caters to every palate. Vegetarian and gluten-free choices are thoughtfully incorporated, ensuring a satisfying experience for all.


Maleva Bakery invites guests to linger within its spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas, creating an ideal setting for group gatherings, family outings, or intimate dates. Indoors, a large communal table and a cozy lounge area foster a sense of community, while the outdoor space, adorned with umbrella-shaded tables, allows patrons to bask in Marbella's splendid weather. Come, savor the excellence of Maleva Bakery amid the rich tapestry of Marbella's culinary delights.


Fermento Artisan Bakery: Elevating Bread to an Art Form

Step into the world of Fermento, where the art of breadmaking takes center stage. Fermento, the House of Bakers, is dedicated to reviving the authentic taste and crisp crust of traditional bread. Their mission is to democratize quality bread, bringing to every corner a loaf crafted from 100% organic wheat flour and undergoing a lengthy fermentation process, delivering a taste reminiscent of the bread of yesteryear.


The Uniqueness of Their Bread


At the heart of Fermento bread lies a secret—long fermentations, recipes curated by Carlos Pérez for renowned chefs and now embraced by Fermento Casa de Panaderos. Years of refining their dough have resulted in achieving the acidity, texture, and moisture in the crumb that make their bread truly distinctive. Through Fermento innovative processes, they have not only crafted a bread rich in aroma and flavor but have also extended its shelf life beyond that of typical market bread.


A Masterful Bakery Team


Fermento boasts a proprietary bread-making method that reveres traditional processes and embraces extended fermentations. In their central workshop, a deep respect for the traditional art of breadmaking prevails. Here, artisanal recipes, each with the finest ingredients, come to life as skilled bakers mix and knead, giving each type of bread its unique character. The key to the quality of their bread lies in the careful selection of raw materials and the meticulous fermentation process, respecting the necessary time for the bread to acquire the right strength, flavor, and aroma. This not only ensures its durability for days but also imparts body, strength, volume, and fluffiness, easing digestion. The workshop creates unique doughs that transform into exceptional bread, becoming the cornerstone of customer loyalty and ensuring Fermento remains the preferred choice.


Pan Bendito: Embracing Centuries-Old Baking with a Modern Twist

In the realm of Pan Bendito, Inés y Fionn passionately resurrect ancient bread-making traditions infused with a contemporary ethos. Employing local and ancestral flours, coupled with the inherent potency of natural fermentation, they recreate the nourishing bread of their ancestors. As a 100% organic bakery, Pan Bendito ardently supports producers committed to regenerative and sustainable practices. Their dedication to prioritizing health is evident in the exclusion of artificial yeast, refined sugar, and synthetic preservatives from their creations.


The Essence of Natural Fermentation


Pan Bendito's commitment to natural fermentation is evident in every loaf and pastry, all nurtured by their sourdough starter, Juliette. A ten-year veteran, Juliette has graced the kitchens of Europe's finest restaurants. By steering clear of artificial additives, their products emerge with a remarkable flavour, extended shelf life, and enhanced nutritional benefits for the well-being of both body and mind. More than mere baked goods, these are transformative elements, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable planet.


Our favorite shop its located in:

Phone: 683 66 24 65



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