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The best memories are made around the table. Allow your guest to discover the wonders of the Costa del Sol and cuisine through a unique gastronomic experience served by Mery Rose Mery Team.

Are you ready for your Booking? follow the instructions and fill the form at the end of home page, our private chef services will make your life so easy.

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Comida gourmet caliente
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Please fill the form

We will talk ask for your personal details / Event & kitchen details / Service & menu options 

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We specialize in creating tailor-made experiences, ensuring flexibility in our services and menus. Each budget is customized for individual clients based on factors such as the minimum number of guests, location, dates, and hours of service.

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Reservation requires payment according to Contract & Terms, guaranteeing your chosen date (see cancellation policy). I'll stay in touch to finalize event details.


Depending on the chosen experience, we handle:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Cooking

  • Setting the table with your crockery

  • Arranging flowers and candles

  • Crafting a custom menu

  • Providing a printed menu

  • Offering a PDF experience or dossier

  • Cleaning up afterwards

General contract and terms

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