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We love gathering information from our local and nearby surroundings, thus promoting sustainable economy.That's why we've created this blog, as we highlight small producers and professionals who are part of a network we, at Mery Rose Mery, highly value.

We hope you can enjoy every article we showcase on our blog, whether it's a recommendation for a local spot, a service, a cooking tip, or any information we find intriguing.


Best private chef service in marbella

Updated: Feb 22

Looking for an unforgettable lunch caterer in Marbella? Look no further than Mery Rose's private chef services. We will create a personalized and unforgettable culinary experience right in the comfort of your own property. We'll cook everything in your kitchen, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create a meal that will leave you and your guests feeling satisfied and happy.

At Mery Rose, we understand the importance of creating memorable experiences. Our private chef services will ensure that your lunch catering is nothing short of perfect. We'll work with you to create a menu that suits your tastes and preferences, and our attention to detail and exclusive service will ensure that your lunch catering is unforgettable.

Whether you're hosting a business lunch or a casual gathering with friends, our private chef services will provide the best service in Marbella. Our expert chefs will create a unique and personalized culinary experience, making your lunch catering stand out from the rest.

Contact Mery Rose today to book your private chef service and create an unforgettable gastronomic experience at the comfort of your property in your kitchen.

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