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We love gathering information from our local and nearby surroundings, thus promoting sustainable economy.That's why we've created this blog, as we highlight small producers and professionals who are part of a network we, at Mery Rose Mery, highly value.

We hope you can enjoy every article we showcase on our blog, whether it's a recommendation for a local spot, a service, a cooking tip, or any information we find intriguing.


An ancestral cooking art with origins you cannot imagine

Updated: Feb 28

The beauty of cooking a lamb on the cross (also called 'roast on the cross') dates back many years. I could live this experience a thousand doesn't matter. It's like a kind of cellular emotion, of very marked genetic memories that awaken in the body, emotions, taste and touch when I cook it. It's fantastic.

Sitting by the fire, taking care of it, putting firewood, watching the flames, feeling the heat and smoke on our skin,... the aroma of roast meat. Waiting for it with your friends, or well, alone!, while you drink a wine, share the joy of the fire while the long-awaited lamb cooks very, very slowly with this warmth and affection for five or more hours, it is without a doubt, an absolutely fantastic experience.

The happiness of those who have waited around the heat of the flames, sung and imbibed so much joy from this ancestral ritual. Before telling you about the history of this technique, let's define it, to understand it well: It consists of tying the animal, or part of it, in an iron frame or stick in the shape of a cross that is buried in the ground and rests, slightly inclined about 70 cm, in the heat of the constant and natural fire.

Open fire with lamb
Open fire with lamb

As a private chef we love to work with the flame and cook with olive wood or vine wood among others. Tradition together with good local and quality products makes Mery Rose Mery have the Andalusian and Mediterranean flavor you want for your vacation or event.

In the case of choosing this experience, it must be in a suitable place, with permission to make an open fire and in the season of the year that it is allowed to do so, otherwise will not be possible to make it.

We have many other experiences to teach you such as migas, paella, bbq, lamb stew, Andalusian stew.

We are located mainly in Marbella, Fill the form in our website and ask for our Experiences, we will be back to you asap.



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