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A brief story about Sandra Romero CEO of Mery Rose Mery, in this biography you will find the origin and professional career of the chef, Mery Rose Mery as a business has the values and principles that Sandra has acquired over the years.

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Private chef Mery in Marbella

The project emerges from the passion for gastronomy and experiences, after a long professional journey, she and her husband, both chefs, have decided to bring the best gastronomy to private Villas in Andalusia, particularly to Marbella, this service is highly demanded by clients who need a private chef for their vacations or any private party.

Sandra María Romero (Mery Rose Mery) was born in Cabra, Córdoba in 1988 although she spent most of her happy childhood in the town of her paternal grandparents in La Sierra Norte Sevilla (La Puebla de los Infantes), surrounded by olive trees, orchards and little animals, a sustainable environment that today days she is in love with. 

In 2005, at the age of 16, she began a Degree at the Culinary School of Tourism in Lucena , which gave her the opportunity to travel to France (Bourdeaux) to a small bistró called Restaurante Gravellier  with the help of Pierre Troisgross's daughter, Anne-Marie, and her husband Yves Gravelier, who teach her the value of the market product.

Once she returns to Spain from Bordeaux, she begins a Master in Food and Beverage Management in Cio Mijas, Málaga, in 2008. Once completed, she travels to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao at Nerua Restaurant to learn from the hand of Josean Martinez AliJa where she learns respect for the cooking and low-temperature cooking.

Her next challenge was to travel to London in 2009 where the beginnings were not easy but she began to work at Brindisa (South Kensington) with José Pizarro, an eminence in the UK who cares for and works the Spanish product like no one outside the Peninsula, generosity and perseverance was what she took from this great Chef. She will also learned from a wonderful woman Monika Linton, founder and owner of the company, representative of the most exclusive Spanish product in the UK.

In 2011 she would begin a new level at Dinner By Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in front of Harrods, one of the best experiences she has had since, it was where she acquired the most values, such as camaraderie, culinary technique, organization and discipline, 2 Years as a Chef de partie that she will never forget, they got 2 Michelin stars among other achievements since the opening of the restaurant, without a doubt an extra value for this chef's career.

Later, in 2013, she decided to return to Spain through Hotel ABAMA at the Ritz Carlton company, in Tenerife, but the concerns were greater and due to professional ambition and projects she traveled to the city of Barcelona.

Once in Barcelona, s​​he returned to work at Mandarin Oriental at Paseo de Gracia, where she learned from disciples of master Angel León and Gastón Acurio for a period of time. Later, she chose to open a new restaurant in the San Antoni neighborhood as Head Chef, and in her spare time she went to the Canela Fina Gastronomic Classroom to carry out Team Buildings, Workshops and personalized events.

In 2017 she feels a strong call to her homeland Andalusia, where she finally begins a new stage in Marbella with her husband, she has been working at the Hotel el Fuerte Marbella for four years as a Sous Chef and last one as a Head Chef, her husband Alfredo Hidalgo is working  at the moment at Hotel Meliá Don Pepe.

After this journey she begins to work as a Private Chef in Luxury and Private accommodations, her main objective is to reach the client offering a close treatment and an unforgettable experience together with a product that is largely km 0, she loves working with seasonal products and above all she gives a personal touch as well as fun, without a doubt High Level of Gastronomy at your fingertips.

She is also proud and happy of all the colleagues and Chefs who have been part of her entire professional career, since she was 16 years old in some way they have taught her everything she knows today.

The three words that best describe her are.....

                                                                   Flavor . Creativity. passion

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